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File extension .pdf File extension .ppt/.pptx
Internet media type application/pdf Internet media type .ppt-application/
File format name Portable Document Format File format name Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation File
Associated programs Adobe Viewer, Ghostscript, Ghostview, Xpdf, gPDF, Acrobat Reader Associated programs Apple Keynote, LibreOffice, Microsoft PowerPoint, OpenOffice
Developed by ISO Developed by Microsoft
Initial Release: June 15, 1993 Initial Release: May 22, 1990
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Useful links:

Convert PDF to PPT without creating an account

How to convert PDF to PPT

What does it take to make a great PowerPoint presentation in terms of quality? Professionally formatted text and high-resolution visuals. Putting them together in a presentation seems very easy on the surface. However, if you want to insert content from a PDF file, it can turn out to be time-consuming and even quality-compromising. With our tool, you can easily convert PDF to a PowerPoint presentation while preserving the formatting of the output file. Here’s what you need to do to convert your file in a few clicks. 

How to turn a PDF into a PowerPoint presentation

  1. Drag and drop or upload a file to the editor. 
  2. Click Convert Now to launch PDF to PPT conversion. 
  3. Wait for a few seconds while the editor is processing the file.
  4. Click the Download button to save the file. 
  5. Pick Start over to upload and convert another PDF file. 

Piecing together materials into professional presentations is a must-have skill today. Our PDF to PPT converter makes this process even easier by allowing you to turn PDFs into presentations while preserving the original file’s quality. Other than converting files, you can also explore a whole suite of features by AltoPDF. They allow you to edit, annotate, e-sign, watermark, and password-protect PDF documents. Give it a go and see for yourself! 

Watch this short video guide on how to convert PDF to PPT

Learn how to use our tool to convert a PDF to PowerPoint in just a few seconds. Upload as many documents for conversion as you want. No registration or software installation is needed. 

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Due to the vast variety of tools on the market, choosing the right solution that meets your needs can be rather challenging. Every service pretends to be the best, but you'll never know it until you try. Save time with our comparison table for comparing the most popular tools and choose the one for your PDF to PPT needs.

View & edit
Split PDF βœ” βœ” βœ”
Merge PDF βœ” βœ” βœ”
Combine & Reorder βœ” ❌ ❌
Extract Pages βœ” ❌ ❌
Compress PDF βœ” βœ” ❌
Rotate PDF βœ” βœ” ❌
No software downloads βœ” βœ” ❌
Cloud storage Unlimited No info No info
Price Free Free 7-Day Trial paid Free 7-Day Trial paid
Encryption and security βœ” βœ” βœ”
Support 24/7/365 No info βœ”
No ads βœ” βœ” βœ”

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It is free and flexible. I can easily convert PDFs to excellent looking presentations without any clutter. I like this tool for its smart approach.



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You can turn your PDF files into PowerPoint presentation format in just a few clicks. The converter is speedy and easy to use. Works for free and without registration.



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It’s a tool that is really helpful for me because the PDF file adapts perfectly to presentation format, without having to make additional edits. I can even convert an unlimited number of documents for free.



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How to Convert PDF to PowerPoint

Add more interactive elements to the static files by transforming it into the PowerPoint presentation with our service. Enrich your speech with the perfect-looking visual materials.

How to convert PDF to PPT online

There's no better way to turn PDF to PPT than to do it online. With AltoPDF there’s no need to go through a registration process or install additional software. It has no trial version or advertisements. You can transform as many files as you need, doing so from any place, and at no cost. It’s easy and fast. Once you upload a form, you get an editable Powerpoint presentation in just one click. When you’re finished, download it to your device or export it to the cloud. 

Follow these quick steps to convert PDF to PowerPoint online:

  1. Open in your preferred browser.
  2. Upload your sample by dragging and dropping it from a folder on your device or upload it from the cloud.
  3. Wait a bit while it processes.
  4. Click Convert Now!.
  5. Download your PPT presentation to proceed with further editing. 

Converting PDFs takes even less time than searching for the file in your folders does, not to mention it’s faster than transforming files using desktop applications and software. Our web-tool also has other advantages; it gives you a high-quality document and it’s totally free with no special payments or installation requirements. Based in the cloud, it provides you and your data with security and keeps it protected from third parties. Try our PDF to Powerpoint converter now to fully understand its benefits!

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How to convert PDF to PPT in Chrome 

Google Chrome has many benefits. It has multiple features for customizing web-based workflows in your browser via add-ons and extensions (small software programs that help your browser's functionality). If you have to work with PDFs often and don’t want to waste time searching for additional tools that you have to pay for and learn how to use, we have a smart solution for you. Add some AltoPDF extensions to Chrome for editing, signing, and converting documents fast and securely. With the Alto PDF to PPT converter, you'll be able to manage your docs right from your browser without having to switch tabs!

Quickly add the right AltoPDF extension to your browser to transform PDFs in Google Chrome:

  1. Go to the Settings menu and open the Chrome Web Store
  2. Search for the AltoConvertPDFtoPPT converter and set it up.
  3. Find the extension token on the right of the address bar and click on the converter to launch it.
  4. Upload a form. Click on the Choose File button to select it from a device or from Google Drive.
  5. Click Convert Now! or Upload a new document
  6. Download the final result or choose the Continue editing option to make further modifications. 

Using the Alto PDF to PPT Converter extension enables you to make a professional slideshow from a file in Portable Document Format fast, secure, and free of charge. All you need is to be connected to the internet in order to turn your forms into PowerPoint presentations 24/7 from anywhere. Just don’t switch between the tabs and windows while transforming the files in order to complete the process. It only takes a couple of seconds. Try it now!

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How to convert PDF to PPT in Windows

Windows is a major desktop OS popular for its simplicity for everyday users. In its best versions, you can easily open and view files in Portable Document Format using Edge, the default browser. However, there’s still no built-in software that enables you to process PDFs in Windows without third-party solutions. You should either search for desktop applications in the Microsoft Store or apply various online tools to convert PDF to PPT format. AltoPDF is a smart no-charge solution for managing documents professionally from any internet-connected device.

Convert PDF to PPT in Windows:

  1. Open in whichever browser you prefer.
  2. Upload a form by clicking Choose File.
  3. Click Convert Now! or upload a different form. 
  4. Download the presentation or export it to the cloud.

As you see, it’s effortless and quick to create a presentation using Alto’s PDF to PPT converter, a cloud-based service that protects your data from unauthorized access and deletes it once the page is refreshed or closed. You don’t need to install any extra software, waste time waiting for files to process, watch annoying advertisements, or make payments to download the final document. It’s absolutely free! Convert an unlimited number of files! All you need is an internet connection. Take advantage of our service to get fast and high-quality results.

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How to convert PDF to PPT on a Mac

Unlike Windows, macOS has a built-in tool called Preview, that allows Mac users to manage files in Portable Document Format in a variety of ways. However, it doesn’t have an option for converting PDF files to PowerPoint. You can only take screenshots and insert them into Keynotes presentation, but that’s too inconvenient and time-consuming. For quicker, more professional results, you can choose among various apps from the App Store. 

Download an app for converting files on a Mac: 

  1. Install an appropriate app on your Mac (find it in the App Store).
  2. Launch it.
  3. Upload a form and convert it.
  4. Wait for the file to process.
  5. Save the new PPT presentation to your device or the cloud. 

Desktop applications are useful when you have an unstable internet connection and still have to transform your samples to create a slideshow. But, they can take up a lot of space on your device. Alternatively, choose an online converter. There’s a bunch of web services on the market; some of them require a preliminary registration or payment, others only ask you after you complete the conversion and are ready to download. Who wants to deal with that? That’s why we recommend It’s free and easy-to-use. It has numerous advantages like being web-based, high-quality, and unrestricted in terms of use. Give it a try and turn a PDF into a PPT in just a few seconds.

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How to convert PDF to PPT in Acrobat

Acrobat Reader is a popular software from Adobe Systems, the “fathers” of Portable Document Format. It’s a full-featured software that enables you to edit and convert your forms and contracts online or with the desktop application. If you already have it installed on your device, there’s no need to search for another tool to turn a PDF into a PPT (an editable Microsoft PowerPoint). If you don’t already have it and want to give it a try, bear in mind that its trial version only lasts 7 days and is limited in functionality. 

Learn how to convert PDF to PPT in Acrobat:

  1. Open a form or contract with Adobe Acrobat.
  2. Choose the Export PDF option from the File menu or on the right-hand panel.
  3. Select Microsoft PowerPoint format.
  4. Export the file and save it in a folder with a new name.

Adobe has lots of advantages and it’s very convenient for when working on a desktop. It’s a good tool for those who deal with Portable Document Format on a daily basis. However, there's still no escaping the fact that its subscriptions are expensive and the free trial is short and limited. If converting a PDF to a PowerPoint presentation is something that you have to do once in a while, we recommend trying AltoPDF, a secure and free web-based solution full of features for fast and professional online document management. No payment, no registration, or advertisements. Convert file types from any browser in just a couple of clicks!

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How to convert PDF to PPT on mobile

In the rapid pace of today’s modern life, we often complete tasks on the go, usually from our smartphones to save time and not miss deadlines. Considering the fact that all of our devices are now synchronized, creating reports and presentations from our phone is super convenient when you don’t have a laptop or its battery is dead. Imagine you’re on a bus or train on the way to an important meeting. You have a form with basic information and images, and you want to make a slideshow to make your proposition look more attractive. Using an online PDF to PowerPoint converter is the right solution, especially if you want it done fast. There’re plenty of applications in the Google Play Store and App Store.

Try AltoPDF for converting file types on mobile: 

  1. Install Alto’s PDF to PPT Converter from the Google Play Store or Apple Store or open in a browser.
  2. Click Choose File to upload a file you need to transform.
  3. Click Convert Now!.
  4. Wait while the file converts. 
  5. Click Download to get your new slideshow.

It’s that easy and quick! Proceed with editing your PowerPoint file from your smartphone. Both the online and desktop versions of Alto’s PDF to PPT converter are free and comfortable-to-use. They’re designed to help you create professional presentations in a couple of clicks fast from any mobile device, even while on the go. Give Alto a try and manage as many documents as you need for free.

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How to convert PDF to PPT on iOS

iPhones and iPads are extremely popular and widely used all over the globe. Apple products are run on iOS and have different applications and interfaces when compared to other apps for Android. Unfortunately, iOS devices don’t have built-in software for working with Portable Document Format, so you’ll need to use third-party solutions to process and modify files in PDF. Which PDF to Powerpoint converter is better to use for iOS? We recommend using AltoPDF. It’s available in the App Store for free. If you don’t want to add an app to your device, just use Alto’s web app ( It's free too, so don’t worry. 

Let’s take a look at how to convert PDF to PPT on iOS:

  1. Install the application from the App Store or open in a browser.
  2. Upload a file you want to convert: tap Choose File to upload it from your device, Google Drive, One Cloud, or Dropbox.
  3. Tap the Convert Now! button at the top right side of the screen. The transformation takes a few seconds.
  4. Download the newly-created presentation. You may save it back to your device or export it to the cloud. 

If you choose to install a desktop app for converting PDF to PPT, keep in mind that most of them have limitations when it comes to document size. Using an online service like AltoPDF eliminates any limitations. The converter provides you with a high-quality PowerPoint presentation in just a couple of seconds. And it’s all free. Definitely worth a try, isn’t it?

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How to convert PDF to PPT on Android

Millions of users prefer smartphones running Android OS rather than iPhones that run on iOS, and at the moment, if we consider its usage globally, it’s out performing iOS. Why? Well, there could be many specific factors, but one major one is that its interface looks more PC-like and, thus, more familiar. If you work with Portable Document Format a lot, AltoPDF applications will definitely come in handy. They’re available in the Google Play Store free of charge and don’t take up a lot of space. Install the ones you need on your device and you’ll be able to convert a PDF to Microsoft PowerPoint presentation anytime, even while on the go. 

Follow these quick steps to turn a form or contract into PPT format on Android: 

  1. Go to the Google Play Store and find the Alto PDF to PPT Converter you need (an airSlate Inc product). 
  2. Install and launch it on your device (make sure to give it access to your media and files). 
  3. Choose a file to transform (upload one from your smartphone or the cloud).
  4. Select pages for conversion (select all pages or just a couple of them).
  5. Tap Convert in the left-top corner of your screen. 
  6. Download your PowerPoint presentation or tap Start over again to transform another document. 

That’s it! Just install a free AltoPDF application and you’ll be able to convert  PDF to PPT format right from your smartphone in less than a minute. Your newly created slideshow will be editable and will keep its original quality. For those who prefer not to install an app, try out our free online web app. is a cloud-based tool that takes document security seriously. Experience its benefits to create professional presentations in just a few taps of your finger.

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How can I convert a PDF to PowerPoint online for free?

With AltoConvertPDFtoPPT, turning PDF to PowerPoint is as easy as ABC. Plus, it’s absolutely free, with no registrations or ads. Open in any browser and upload your document. Click on Convert Now and wait until it’s finished processing. It usually takes just a couple of seconds. Download the PPT presentation to your device or save it to Google Drive.